Our Company

Cytokem Pharmaceuticals

Founded in the year 2022, Cytokem pharmaceuticals today one of the most well respected pharmaceuticals formulations marketing companies in India.

We have strongly focussed protfolio of prescreption brands, Catering to Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Pain Management, Antibiotics, General Segments.

We’re dedicated to fulfilling the promise of human potential, in all places, in all aspects and stages of life. We believe that health is the key to that promise. Because at our healthiest, we’re capable of achieving anything.

Vision & Mission

Our mission To be a respected Pharmaceutical Company which offers new and innovative evidence based specialty healthcare products to improve quality of life.

Our vision is to become a leading global pharmaceutical company by providing high quality, affordable and innovative therapeutic solutions for patients with diverse medical needs.


We accord the highest emphasis to quality and it is given as much attention as innovation and value creation. A fully computerised quality control system monitors operations round-the-clock thereby ensuring highest standards of quality. Maintaining highest levels of quality helps us deliver excellence in everything we do reflecting not only in robust growth but also in personal development and enhanced management abilities.